The Goal of Tree Vitalize

Our team of tree lovers have one main goal in mind, to help you understand and love trees as much as we do!

By empowering you with information about tree planting, care and selection, as well as the diverse benefits of trees, we hope to inspire you to plant your own tree.

In doing so, you will begin to more clearly understand that beyond being essential for our survival, trees really do enrich our lives in so many ways.

Tree lover forming a heart shape around a tree with their hands

5 Reasons to Plant a Tree

Trees purify the air & provide oxygen

Trees are a habitat for many wildlife

Trees beautify & have a calming effect

Trees provide shade & conserve energy

Trees increase property values

Meet Our Team

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Kira Nash

Kira Nash lives with her family in the sunny French countryside amidst bees and swallows. A writer, editor and artist by trade, she also teaches creative meditation. She’s passionate about nature and ecology and tries to live as green a life as possible. In her spare time, she surfs, reads, and plays with her cats, although not usually all at once. She loves tea a little too much.

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