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Spring 2016

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TreeVitalize Planting Grant Application
2016 Deadline

September 1, 2016
Application available soon

General Information:
The Pennsylvania Urban & Community Forestry Council has secured $100,000 in funding for tree planting grants and $25,000 for innovative projects throughout the state through our partnership with the PA Department of Conservation and Natural Resources.

Tree planting grants will be available to municipalities and non-profit agencies throughout the state for projects related to tree plantings with a strong volunteer base. Applicants are required to have the assistance of their local service forester and/or Penn State extension forester in developing a planting plan as well as their signature on the application itself. Budgets should provide evidence of 50/50 match with 75% coming from non-cash and 25% from cash.

Interested applicants should begin by contacting their local service forester or Penn State Extension Forester and include them in any conversations concerning proposed tree plantings. Those foresters can provide necessary guidance pertaining to grant opportunities as well as native species and sustainable projects.

Applications would be submitted via email or postal mail (see address below) no later than September 15, 2016. Notifications will be posted by November 1st with grant terms to include January 1, 2017 – December 31, 2017.

DCNR and PSU Forester Contacts
Electric Utility Forester Contacts
Acceptable Tree Species
Suggested Nursery List
Guideline Specifications for Nursery Quality

Questions? Please contact:

Jessica Cavey
Development and Grant Coordinator
717-599-8950 or c-jacavey@pa.gov

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